The GardenLe jardin

Our garden is a wonderful place to spend time on your holiday. Sunbathe on one of the comfortable loungers, picnic at one of the tables or play a friendly (or competitive) game of boules on the lawn. Cool down in the splash pool, warm up in the hot-tub or just sit and read on one of the secluded terraces.

Whatever time of year there are always plenty of flowers in bloom or trees in blossom. The three little ponds tinkle all day long with the sound of water falling.

The birds are an endless source of fascination as they take turns to hang from the many feeding stations. We love to watch the woodpeckers, wrens, robins and blue tits feeding in the shrubs or watch the red squirrels chase each other around the trees. The aviary is home to Poppie and Peppie, our 2 cockatiels. Beneath them you can watch Floppsy, Buggsy, Tipsy, Topsy and Smokey, our 5 rabbits as they play or cuddle together in the sun.

The garden is also inhabited by our collection of little magic friends. See if you can find Lilly the fairy princess, Bilbo and Frodo the Elves, Hedwig the owl and many others.